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A4 Camping Cot

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  • The maxcomfort camping cot with its soothing pillow makes for the perfect combination.
  • Lightweight portability yet lasting durability.
  • ErgoLock, lightning-fast setup.
  • Side pocket-empowered, everything within arm's reach.
  • Color: Oxford Black/ Oxford Moss Green/Oxford Beige/Mesh Black
  • Material: Oxford Fabric/Mesh/Aluminum/Steel
  • Product Size: 75" x 27.5" x 7.8"
  • Package Size: 18" x 5"
  • Net Weight: 4.4lbs/2.0kg
  • Capacity: 330lbs/160kg

A4 Camping Cot
A4 Camping Cot
A4 Camping Cot
A4 Camping Cot
A4 Camping Cot
A4 Camping Cot
A4 Camping Cot
A4 Camping Cot
A4 Camping Cot
A4 Camping Cot
A4 Camping Cot
A4 Camping Cot
A4 Camping Cot
A4 Camping Cot
A4 Camping Cot
A4 Camping Cot
A4 Camping Cot
A4 Camping Cot
A4 Camping Cot
A4 Camping Cot
A4 Camping Cot
A4 Camping Cot
A4 Camping Cot
A4 Camping Cot
A4 Camping Cot
A4 Camping Cot
From $69.95 $139.95
Mesh Black
Moss Green
2 Black
2 Beige
2 Mesh Black
2 Moss Green
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Snooze in a snap, camping just got comfier.

Stretch, slip, secure, and you're all set.

45s Easy
45s Easy Set-up
Lightweight slumber, anywhere.
Only weighs 1.9 kg and folds to 18*5 inches, no-sweat portability even more so with a carrying bag.
Where the great outdoors meets the extreme comfort.
Oxford silver-coated fabric blocks out moisture and coldness while with the mesh option, you're guaranteed a breathable and refreshingly cool rest.
Essentials in reach, camp in comfort.
Pocket-powered cot means no more fumbling! Your phone, beverages and everything within arm's reach.
Allows you to sleep comfortably anywhere.

The breathable surface provides ample airflow to keep the balance of your body temperature.

Stretch, slip, secure, and you're all set.

A good lock design should be easy to use, secure, and reliable. And here is EZLock to trust.

Built to handle your wildest dreams.

Aero-grade aluminum and reinforced prop-up construction complement satisfying performance on any terrain.

Carry Bag Included

Elevate your outdoor experience with Mission Mountain

Package List

Storage Bag
Frame Pole
ErgoLock Leg
Cot Cover

Customer Review

Customer Reviews

Based on 93 reviews
JOHN ANDERSON (Missouri, United States)
Great Cot!

The mountain mission for was easy to assemble and took only minutes. It’s compact and goes easily back into the storage bag. Looking forward to using this on my motorcycle trips this summer.

Anonymous (Texas, United States)
Sleeping cot

Really comfortable with my big agnus pad and sleeping bag. Long enough as I am 6'4"and 190 lbs. have not used camping yet but had a great nap on it the other day 😂 easy to set up and secure for a retiree

Joseph Whipple (Ohio, United States)
Great (s)cot!

Very comfortable, light weight and sturdy. Aluminum tubes are thick and well fitting. I am 245lbs and feels like it holds my weight well. I am using it to motocamp with my motorcycle. I recommend.

Extremely Lightweight, Comfortable, and Easy to Set Up

This cot gets all the stars from me with its comfort level and how simple set up is. It comes in a pouch that has a carrying strap, and it’s all broken down into pieces. Directions are on a triangle tag attached to the bag, and they’re straightforward. Putting it together is super easy and quick, too. The poles straighten out to their full length, and then it’s a matter of threading the fabric bit onto them and then snapping on the legs. It literally comes together in the matter of maybe a couple minutes.

It's unbelievably comfortable and lightweight, too. Like if I had to hike into a camping spot, I wouldn’t mind having to carry it with how much it weighs. And this cot is crazy comfortable. You feel supported and secure, and it’s quite cozy with a blanket and pillow. Plus, the fabric is mesh, which is going to be great when it’s hot out. Let’s not forget that it has a little pouch that hangs off of it for your glasses or small flashlight or whatever you might need handy. Overall, this is a fantastic piece of camping equipment and would work if you needed a spot for an overnight guest, too.

Robert J.
Very comfortable and durable

I am pleasantly surprised that this light cot is as big and comfortable as much heavier models. It is made from durable materials. It’s light, but I don’t know that I’d backpack with it. Probably best for car camping or shorter backpacking trips. I’m 6’3” 205lbs and fit well on it. It’s got a very clever design to keep it taut and has pads on the feet for use in a tent without fearing ripping the tent floor. It’s on the expensive side (north of $100), but the quality seems to match the price.

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Is the materials used for the frame quality and strong?

The materials are very sturdy and the system that allows the frame to be set up easily, and then put under tension is pretty cool. If I had any criticism of the materials, it would be that they may be a little too heavy duty, pushing the weight to the limit of what I might take on a backpacking trip. Car camping makes this a no-brainer.--Adam Watkins

Setting up 3 cot stabilizers seem to make installation easier! How stable is this camping cot? I toss and turn a lot at night.

I'm a 240 lbs side sleeper and this camp cot took me by surprise! The legs of this cot are thicker than the previous 5 leg camping cot I bought. When I pressed the latch handle, the cot was tight and flat! I slept on it for 1 weeks and it is still very supportive and sturdy.Worth buying!--Susan

Is the camping cot suitable for tall individuals?

Yes! A4 camp cot is consciously designed to be long enough to accommodate individuals of different heights, so you can find the perfect fit for your needs.

What is the size and weight of the camping cot when it is folded up?

The size and weight of the A4 camp cot, when it is folded up, is 18*5 inches. The cot is designed to be as compact and portable as possible.

Will the camping cot make noise and shake when I turn over at night? I have trouble sleeping, so I need a cot that is stable and quiet.

I didn't notice any noise when I lay on it. I have some back pain issues, and this camping cot provides excellent back support, allowing me to sleep peacefully.--Brandi