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In a world that often feels disconnected, Mission Mountain is born out of a desire to help people connect with the great outdoors. That’s the starting point of Mission Mountain, to create something truly special -a brand that would make camping and hiking more comfortable, accessible, and connected than ever before.

This is how Mission Mountain got started...

To enhance the outdoor experience, the brand's team of designers set out to create an outdoor ecosystem that embedded innovative features to make camping and hiking user-friendly and connected. High-quality materials and ultralight designs make it easy to pack and take with you on your outdoor adventures.

The brand's founders know that to connect with nature truly, they need to preserve it. From the beginning, Mission Mountain is built deeply committed to eco-friendliness. Non-plastic packaging designs and partnerships with eco-conscious organizations became the brand's core principles.

At Mission Mountain...

You can connect with nature in new and exciting ways while preserving the planet for generations to come. And as the brand continues to expand its portfolio of innovative outdoor gear brands, it remains committed to revolutionizing outdoor experiences for all.

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